Month: June 2015

Facebook Testing New Photo Editor Feature

With an aim to ramp up its photo offering, facebook is testing a new Snapchat like feature that lets you add filters, text, stickers and more on photos before you post them on the social network. Facebook is testing the latest feature on iOS that will allow you to add overlaid text in any color, instantly preview filters that you swipe across your photos, or paste Facebook’s stickers on top. Facebook already has Stickered app for Messenger that allows you to put stickers on your photos. The new feature is integrated into the app and does not require you to use the separate app for adding stickers to your photos. The latest feature is initially coming to iOS and some users are already seeing the new Facebook photo uploader. At the moment it is not clear whether this feature is coming to other platforms as well. Facebook tried to acquire Snapchat and failed. This latest move comes from the social network to tap one of the most important elements of the social media juggernaut i.e....

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Secrets About the Infinix Hot Note Pro should know

 for those of you that want to acquire the new  Infinix Hot Note Pro,these are the secret you should know , The first secret that I will be telling you about the Inifinix Hot Note Pro is this; the truth is that Infinix did not manufacture any device known as the Infinix Hot Note Pro, and even me, initially I was wondering why the name was that long. The device in Infinix Hot Note Pro is just the Infinix Hot Note but another variant of the phone with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. You could recall that the earlier version of Infinix Zero also came in 2 variants; there was the one with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM and the 2nd version came with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, and nobody called either Infinix Zero Pro. The name you hear Infinix Hot Note Pro was just a promotional name adopted by Jumia in order to market the Infinix Hot Note 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM variant. And that was done in order to add more flavour to the device and make people feel that Infinix added new phone entirely into their device line. The only addendum by Infinix last week was the Infinix Next Hero which turned out as Infinix Zero 2, so the Infinix Hot Note Pro was just a marketing strategy that made the Pro appeared on the...

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MTN Nigeria,the giant provider has come again with this tremendous browsing PLAN….. All you need is MTN ipulse SIM… or if you are not on ipulse, you can just migrate by dialing *406# . Then after that, Recharge your sim with #200 & ensure you finish the money on calls within the day to qualify for the UNLIMITED freebrowsing offer.    To enjoy this, Starting from 1:00AM – 5:00AM  surf the net & download unlimited untill your phone/PC battery runs down……….It works on all applications on your Phone & PC .    …………..…..I hope you find it...

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MTN Simple server still working with mtn biz plan !!!

sometimes ago , i wrote an article on this biz stuff , see here for detailsclick here Browser settings Create settings on ur browser as follows ;   proxy: port: 8080 Then Recharge #100 n  dial *216*4*1# to subscribe for MTN BB daily plan.   Then Recharge #100 n  dial *216*4*1# to subscribe for MTN BB daily plan.   simple server  configuration settings: proxy host: proxy port:8080 injection method:get injection querry/url:http// injection injection line;press ur Enter key 4 times Log leve:debug   Close the settings and click the connect button.     you can download simple server through the above link .   thats all,...

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how to Backup Firefox Browsing History and Restore On Another Computer Without Software

this post will  guide you on how to backup Firefox browsing history and how to restore it on another computer without using any software. Just the procedure below ;  Click the Start button on the taskbar of your Windows PC, type “Run” into the search bar then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.  Copy and paste the following into the Run prompt and press Enter:  %APPDATA%MozillaFirefoxProfiles  %APPDATA%MozillaFirefoxProfiles     A folder will appear. This is your Firefox profile folder that contains all of your bookmarks, browsing history, settings and other information. Copy the folder to a transfer media (e.g. a Flash drive) Copy the folder from the Flash drive to the desktop (or any location) of the other computer (Computer 2)  Ensure Firefox browser is closed on computer2 and repeat steps 1 and 2 on the computer Once deleted, drag the content in the folder saved earlier to your flash drive from computer1 to the empty folder on Computer 2 Launch the Firefox browser on computer 2 and you should see option to restore previous session. If not, go to “history” > “restore previous session”. Your Firefox browsing history will be restored as well as your bookmarks, extensions etc. NB: If you keep getting “file in use” while deleting the content of the profile folder, go to Windows “Task Manager” and end the Firefox process. i hope you find...

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