mtnits not new that most teenagers of today uses social network frequently, and whatsapp is one of them.

Which of the mobile chat app do you frequently use ?

90% of people using smartphone’s answer to the above question will be “Whatsapp.

your answer is yes, then there is high tendency that you are using the MTN network.

Do you need free monthly Whatsapp bundle on your MTN line now?

If yes, then do this below and flex your Whatsapp for the next one month absolutely free of charge;

= => Pick up your phone with  any of your MTN line and open up your text messaging app then send an SMS with WAMS to 131.
SMS with WAMS to 131.

  after 2 – 3 minutes and you will surely get your own free monthly Whatsapp bundle.

To check your Whatsapp balance at any time, dial *559*2#.
                                                    enjoy and share….
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