I told him that he has a strong mind o.

That he
could set-up this
kind of party in his parents house. He told me
that his parents
were not around. It was only him, his brother
and their housemaid that were at home. This Kenno guy
is one very very
bad guy. He has told me numerous tales of how
he bleeped that
housemaid. The girl wont even complain.

son nah. But he said she was always enjoying it too, and
whenever he was alone
with her at home is when she’ll be wearing
provocative clothings
and ‘innocently’ expose herself sometimes. He
gives her money alot of times though, and buys stuff for her.

The girl sef don wise As I was chatting with Kenno and his guys, I
saw something that
caught my attention. I saw one girl that
looked like Mariam
dancing with one guy like that. I quickly excused
myself from their presence and went towards the where
people were dancing.

I saw that it was actually Mariam, and lo and
behold, the guy
dancing with her was not Phillip, her boyfriend.
I got to the dance floor and started dancing slowing around. I
first went to meet one
big yansh girl and started dancing with her. I
pressed my groin
into her Bottom. I brought out my phone and
switched it off. I had already told my parents and sister that I
was coming to
Kenny’s place. I used to sleep over in his place
in the past, so it
wasnt a new thing, and my parents knew his
house and his parents too. In their minds, he is a good boy.

This girl was just grinding her Bottom into my
loins. Its one of
those girls that have very big asses and small
bosoms that makes their stature look like ‘b’. lol. I was
dancing with her,
moving my hands around her hips, taking care
not to hold her
Bottom too much, so she doesnt pull away.

Thats trick number one. When you gain a girl’s confidence on the
dance floor, then
you can start smooshing her Bottom. I was
still enjoying this girl
when I looked over and saw the guy that was
with Mariam was dancing away slowly and going to meet
another girl. I brought
my lips close to this girl’s neck and kissed her
neck. She was
shocked at first but continued dancing. I then
used style to leave her side. I danced slowly to Mariam’s side. She
did not seem
surprised to see me, so i guess she must have
seen me earlier.

I did not even bother talking, i just started
dancing with her. She was rolling that Bottom on my groin. It was a
very Intimate roll.
The music that was playing was a little slow
paced, compared to
the ones that were playing before. I moved my
hands to her hips and started making my magical dance moves.
She curved her
Bottom more to my dick and started shaking
it more. I started
becoming quite hard. There are some girls that
can really grind that thing that you cant just not get hard. I
enjoyed it while it
lasted, then as the tension built, I continued
moving my palms
down her hips, then closer and closer to her
Bottom. I grabbed the Bottom. Me and grabbing, I thought. She
did not mind, she
just continued grinding it. Then she turned and
faced me. As she
faced me, I looked straight in her eyes. They
were filled with lust and I knew that today was the day for this
one. I did not need her
whatsapp contact after-all. This even made it
easier for my
hands to get her backside. She was wearing
leggings and a blouse. I lifted the blouse a little with my hands
and started
rubbing her Bottom. She was getting worried
that other people
dancing would start looking at us and
watching what we were doing so she used style to remove my hand. My
dick was rock
hard at this point, if I must mention.
It was she that removed my hand o, but it
was she too that
moved her own hand to the front of my jeans with style. It was
hard for others to see, since we were dancing
very close. She felt
my hard on.

She knew what I wanted.
Since I knew around Kenno’s house very well, I wispered in her
ear that she should follow me. I led her through
the crowd. We got to one secluded area. I did not even
give her chance to
settle before I started kissing her. I used my
tongue expertly in
her mouth. She was even hungrier than me. I
started to suspect that maybe her boyfriend wasn’t giving her
good enough, that’s
why she’s like this. Maybe she even came to
this party to get
Unexpectedly, she pulled away from me. She started behaving
like a shy secondary school girl who was about
to have her first
Bleep. She started telling me things like ”you
know Phillip is my
boyfriend…”. I did not hear the remaining ones she was saying.
In my dictionary, everything she was saying
was ”you better take
your opportunity now”. I remembered how she
was bullying me
in Anita’s house the other day. I just grabbed her waist and
dragged her to me. My mouth went to her
bosoms. I started
kissing her her bosoms, those things were big!
I did not want to
miss the opportunity to enjoy the bosoms this time around. Then
my mouth went to her mouth. I started
kissing her and she
responded wonderfully. My hands were
working magic on her
Bottom too, and it wasn’t long before I heard her first moan. That
sound drove me wild. I moved my hands to lift
her blouse up, she
raised her hands and at last I was able to get
rid of the blouse. I
made sure not to throw it too far, so she wouldn’t be looking for it
when she wanted to get dressed. I was
staring at those large
mellons in her bra. The bra quickly came off
and I was hungrily
sucking on the bosoms. My right hand on one bosom, while my
mouth was on the other. I was sucking like a
baby. Then i started
mildly biting her Tips. She was moaning loudly,
and occasionally
stamping her foot. My left hand was hoding her Bottom, while
she was using her hand to rub my head. I
wanted to do this
quickly, but I wanted her to remember every
bit of it too, so I had
to do everything possible. My right hand drifted down to her
Kitty-Cat, and I started rubbing it through her
leggings. Her
Kitty-Cat was very wet and it was even
soaking my fingers, even
though her leggings was on. I asked her to take her leggings off. She
stepped back a little and
pulled it down. This girl was not wearing
I started taking off my own clothes too. I
first flung my white top to where her blouse was. Then I removed my
jeans. My dick was
already above 90 degrees in my boxers. I had
to stretch my
boxers to bring it down to my ankle, then i
got it off. We were both completely Unclad. She looked at my dick
in the near-
darkness. She gave a sexy smile. My dick isn’t
very long, its
about 7 inches, but its very beautiful . She took
my dick in her hand and started stroking it. That mere
stroking felt like
heaven. That stroking can make a less
experienced man
release immediately, the way she was doing it.

I removed her hand from my dick and quickly bent down. I
started using my tongue on her Kitty-Cat and
she was moaning
seriously. It was almost loud, and I was even
fearing that some
people might be hearing if they were even close by at all. I
sucked on her Kitty-Cat like a dog lapping
water. I did not want
to eat it completely, because I have a Kitty-Cat
eating I bit her meat mildly and continued using my tongue
on her. I felt a gush of cum on my tongue and
my lips. If I had not
seen this girl in the day time before, I wouldnt
have even tried
giving her oral at all. I always fear mouth I trusted
that this one would be neat sha, since i had
seen her before and
she looked very okay. Her Kitty-Cat smelled
and tasted very
nicely. She was now begging me to Bleep her. I stood
up and put my
mouth on her mouth so that she could taste
her own cum too.

She kissed me like her life depended on it. Then
I became conscious of the fact that we were not within
the comfort of our
bedroom, so I had to hurry up. I started
searching for my Jeans.

If i was in Gulder Ultimate Search that night, I
would have found the treasure that night in seconds. lol.



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