The other time, it was the discovery of sugar battery that can last 10 times longer than normal Lithium batteries and here we go again with another breath-taking battery discovery.

Still in the bid of developing highly efficient and environmentally friendly batteries in all ramifications, scientists in the US have discovered and developed foldable aluminium battery capable of charging a phone in one minute.

The battery is a flaccid cell and thus foldable, it consists of electrodes and it is filled with liquid electrolyte.

A pilot test carried out with the battery saw it charge a phone in just one minute.

The developers suggest that aluminium is safer to use and also does not burst into flames as some Lithium batteries will do under certain condition.

They also went ahead to point out that the magical technology behind the aluminium battery lies on the cathode which is the positive ends of the electrode, that graphite used for the cathode performs better than most other materials.

As to almost every development of this nature, you cannot totally rule out some shortcomings at the onset and the aluminium battery has the inability to store up much quantity of energy as the other types of batteries commonly in use.

The lower energy capacity of the aluminium battery now poses another challenge for the developers but they are tackling the problem squarely and hopping that having come this far they will finally come up with fully developed and commercialized aluminium battery.
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