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Ironically, quite a number of people who use Facebook don’t really like the platform. While some have issues with Facebook as a company about their policy concerning users’ personal data, others simply aren’t just into socializing on social media. At the same time, some people on social media, especially Facebook, make the platform a pain in the butt.Certain Facebook users make sure their friends list is trimmed and these type of people will remove you as long as you violate their “personal terms of use”. I am one of those people and based on my interactions with certain individuals, these are the top reasons people will unfriend you on Facebook:

1. Tagging Friends Unnecessarily in Status Updates & Photos

This is the most annoying thing people do on Facebook. Seriously, you don’t need to tag your friends in every status updates you post. Unless it’s important or the post directly relates to them, it can be annoying and doing this in excess will make people like me unfriend you. the below picture is an example of notification page.

facebook notification page

 Populating my photo albums with your tagged pictures too isn’t a good idea unless it’s a picture we took together. Originally, tagging people in pictures is only ideal when you actually took that picture with that particular person but this feature is being abused everyday.

2. Sharing Indecent Updates

If you know what it feels like to open your Facebook news feed only to be greeted with a NSFW picture and you have a colleague beside you looking at your phone, perhaps you’ll have a better undertanding of what I’m driving at here. It can be embarrassing.
There are certain things you just can’t share on Facebook but some don’t know this; they share anything from adult content to gory images. You won’t hesitate to remove this kind of people, you know?

3. Adding Your Friends To Groups

Just like you confirm friends before adding them to your list, adding people to groups too should be a matter of choice but unfortunately, Facebook would let your friends add you to different group without your consent. It’s alright to add me to just one group you think I might be interested in but when you make this a daily routine, I won’t hesitate to unfriend.
Adding people to groups only increase notifications. There are times I log in to Facebook to see twenty notifications, 18 of them being from groups, photo tags and other BS.

4. Adding Your Friends to Group Conversations

I hate being added to group conversations especially when the topic is none of my business. People abuse this feature and sometimes use it for the purpose of spamming.
Doing this might get you unfriended and blocked by lots of people.

5. Sharing Links on Your Friends Wall

Okay, we know you have a blog and you’re desperately looking for traffic, but do you really need to paste your links directly on your friends’ wall every single day?

6. Documenting Your Life on Facebook

This may not really get you unfriended, but unfollowed. When you document every second of your life on Facebook, you become one thing people hate to see on their news feed. Certain Facebook users can go as far as posting updates about going to the toilet, taking a bath, peeing, spitting or just about everything.
Nobody needs to see a picture of you dressed up for Church or pictures of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. And definitely, if you got dumped by your girlfriend, Facebook definitely isn’t the right place to whine.

                                                                                                                              credit to : geek.ng

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