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 this cheat is still rocking while many people are still not aware of it , sometimes ago  i wrote an article on it before mtn blocked the monthly bb plan .if you are new to this cheat, SEE
 how to configure mtn blackberry sub. with simple server for PC users
Also read  all MTN bb 10 Data Plans, Subscription Codes, Amount and Data Caps
carefully follow the process below to get it working.

    for PC users :

      today i will share more light on how to get it working again, am sure that you are still enjoying your unlimited downloading/streaming with MTN BBMIDID daily plan of N100. , if not the code to suscribe is  

        •  load #100 naira and then send BBMIDID to 21600
        • or use this code if above doesn’t work *216*10#
        • then start simple server and connect your modem 
        • note that it is a daily plan

      MTN BBLITED is another alternative that is even cheaper than BBIMIDID and it is working flawlessly, even better than BBMIDID (Tested & Confirmed), now you have variety choice, you can choose any one you like between BBMIDID and BBLITED

        •  load #70 naira and then send BBLITED to 21600
        • or use this code if above doesn’t work *216*7#
        • then start simple server and connect your modem  
        • note that it is a daily plan .
        and if you feel you have the guts to go for the monthly plan that cost N1000, pending when MTN will strike, you can go ahead and stir the waters of the MTN Blackberry Lite monthly subscription.

      To subscribe for the monthly plan simply send the code BBLITEMto 21600

      read how to configure mtn blackberry sub. with simple server for PC users  if you dont know how to set it up.

        for Android users

        STEP 1 :
        Download Autoproxy here and download Simple Server here
        You need to set up your phone APN, Proxy address (IP) and Port.  

        • go to your mobile phone network settings and set them up as follows;
        •  APN =  
        • Proxy address (IP) = 
        •  Port= 8080

        STEP 2 :

          simple server configuration

            NOW Install the MTN simple server that you have downloaded
            Click on settings on the top right corner of your open MTN simple server to configure it by tapping on each of the configurations and setting them up as indicated below;  
            • Proxy host =
              • Proxy Port = 8080  
              • Enable Proxy = just tickthe box 
              • Injection method = choose GET 
              • Querry/url = 
              • Querry/url = 
              • Injection Host =
              • Injection line = tap the enter button on your keyboard 4 times 
              • Enable Injection = just tick the box 
              • Log level = choose DEBUG   

              That is all for the Simple Server configuration.

            STEP 3 :

              Autoproxy configuration

              the essence of the Autoproxy is to help power up all apps and also to give you a stable connection in case of some sudden disconnect issue you might encounter with the Simple Server.
              you need to root your Android first before Autoproxy will work perfectly on your phone.
              once you get your android rooted
               installed the Autoproxy you previously downloaded , 
              open it and do the following configuration
              • Tap on the Add (+) button on the top right hand side of your open Autoproxy screen to set up the Proxy Hostand Proxy Port 
              • For the Proxy Host =
              • Proxy Port = 8080

              once all these settings has been put in place, you are ready to start surfing the net,
              now  suscribe for any plan you want (MTN BBMIDID OR  MTN BB BBLITED )
              then open and connect your Simple Server,
              also leave Autoproxy open 
              minimize and start any of your browser.

                AFTER you subscribe You will received a message “Welcome to MTN Blackberry BBLITED. You have 10MB inclusive data bundle“. Just ignore that message and continue surfing unlimited.

              and while browsing, you will also receive a message that “Yello! You have used up your BB10 data plan” Ignore that message too, and continue surfing the net .
                                               it has also been noted that MTN BBMIDID has a data cap at 5gb, meaning that once you download to a limit of 5gb, your browsing will stop.
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