In this post i will share with you how to work with linking image url , am sure  u’ve one way or the other click on an image online and it redirects you to another site or probably opens in a new tab.. i will enlighting you on how to do this . follow the process below..

To add an image to your sidebar:

  • Upload the image to any hosting site e.g .visit tinypic..or upload your pics on blogger directly
  • after uploading,then obtain the image url
  • Copy the url of the image
  • replace it with  the red text below with your image url.
  • Assumming http://ImageLocationURL to be your image url location
<img src=”http://ImageLocationURL” /></a>
  • Copy and paste the full code into a text widget in your sidebar or any location you want .

To make the image clickable:

  • Add a the link code to the beginning of the above code.
  • Replace the red text with the url for the place you want the clicker to go  e.g
    <a href=”“><img src=http://ImageLocationURL” /></a>

    To make it open in a new page:

    • Add target=”_blank” to your code.
    <a href=”http://www.wapmastazone.blogspot.comtarget=”_blank”><img src=“http://ImageLocationURL” /></a>

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