in this post i will be sharing how to change read more text to read more button
Now is the time for this tutorial,
Customizing your site read more links;

  • Change the text ” read more ” to another words.
  • Add An Image / Button To Your “Read More / Jump Breaks ” In Blogger Links Instead Of Plain Text
  • choose your read more link / button to be displayed on left side, right side or center it.NOTE : Please BACKUP/DOWNLOAD  your blog template before applying any changes. 

 First step 1 :

check if you have the code below in your blogger template,

 if you found the code above in your template, ok you have to skip step 2 ,
but before you skip it,
make sure that the third line in the code looks like this

And not like this

Step 2:

  •  Go to you blogger dashboard >> Layout >> Edit HTML 
  • Check on Expand Widget Templates 
  • Search for the code below by pressing  control + F key 

see screenshot below  :

  • just after the above code, add or paste the code below 

1.Change the text READ MORE to another word of your choice

  • To simply change it to another word, change the word Read More in the highlighted code to what ever you want, E.g Keep reading, continue reading, read the rest, and more. 
  • After changing it, preview template and see if everything works fine then Save template.

2.Add  Image / Button Instead Of Plain Text 

  • To change the text to image / button , you should replace the word Read More in the code with the following

you should have some thing like this


  • Preview your template then,
  • Save y template 
  • For some readmore buttons or image check the link below 

3. Control the read more link or button alignment, left, right Or center.

this code will display read more link in default format, and your template may display it at left or right, but if you want to control where it’ll be displayed, you should add small tag for the code, and the new added tag in blue color.
<p align=”xxxx“>Read More</p>

Example 1 :

  • replace the xxxx with Left, right, or center to control the position for your link or button.see examples below 

 This will display read more in pain text aligned to left
 Example 2 :

 This will display read more in image button aligned to right

preview and save your template
Enjoy the new look on your blog 
Comment below if you find this post useful.

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