To get an Google adsense account approved its not that easy. have been blogging since 2009 but i was not that active on blog,so my account was not compromised. you might get banned if you fail to follow terms and conditions,am going to discuss about the  activities which must be avoided to prevent your AdSense account getting banned. 


  • Don’t ever click on your advertisements. Whatever the reason may be but avoid clicking on your advertisements. If you did it by mistake then contact the AdSense team and tell them about the same to prevent any problem.
  • Never force your friends or relatives to click on your adds because Google AdSense team is clever enough to find all this invalid activity.
  • Google AdSense is very strict when it comes to the Content Guidelines. A person should never place any AdSense advertisement on the pages that includes adult or violent contents.

  • No changes should be made in the AdSense code, other than changing the color or pattern. Also in inappropriate places such as pop-ups, software or emails, AdSense code should not be placed.
  • Never use automated tools or robots to get clicks on your AdSense adds automatically and also don’t ever be a part of Pay-to-review (PTR) programs.

  • It is not advised to join a program for boosting the traffic for your website or blog. Traffic pattern is clearly visible to the AdSense team and this could be a cause of getting the account banned because this is not considered as the real traffic.

  • If you notice tons of invalid clicks or impressions from a user, then tell about it to the AdSense team without wasting any time. This is the main reason for which AdSense accounts are getting banned. Website competitors clicks hundreds of time on the opponent’s website’s AdSense advertisements, so that his/her account could be banned. This type of nonsense is detected by AdSense team most of the times, but you know that the prevention is better than cure. So it is advised to contact the AdSense team at the same time and tell them about this stuff to avoid any further problems.

The points discussed above are the main reasons for the banning of the AdSense account. If you do follow all the points, your account will be totally safe. I would only like to say that don’t think that Google will not be able to know about your mischief, Google is clever enough. If your AdSense account will get banned then you will not be able to get it again, so never try to play with Google. Instead of earning through Google AdSense through fraud ways, it would be much better to concentrate on the website/blog content and try to increase its backlinks  to get a good amount of traffic through real sources.

          • best of luck


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