Month: August 2014


I thought to post articles related to making money online and this is the First Post regarding it. This post is about Best ways to make money from YouTube Videos. Remember nothing comes so easily. If making money from internet is such easy task then everyone will start earning though it. To earn money from any field you just consistency. If you work hard with consistency along with smart thinking then earning money from internet is not really a big deal. I used to see many people who are addicted to YouTube, Few are addicted in watching videos on YouTube and few are Addicted to Uploading videos. By choosing any of the below 5 methods you can start making money from you addiction. 1.  Join as YouTube Partner  YouTube partnership is the one of the best way to earn from YouTube. But getting approved as YouTube partner is not that easy. You should have good amount of Views for your videos, you should upload videos in regular intervals, and you should also have enough number of subscribers. Various points like this will be considered before approving you as YouTube partner. If you get approved as YouTube Partner then you start earning money easily by using ads near or inside your Videos. Remember that you should not post any Copyrighted Videos or Videos that share illegal content like Hacking or...

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YouTube is worlds No.1 website to watch online videos. 1000’s of videos are getting uploaded each and every hour on YouTube. There are many YouTube addicts who used to spend, a hell lot of time by watching videos. Frankly speaking even i am an youtube addict. But the sad thing here is YouTube wont provide and DOWNLOAD option in default to download videos from it. There are many ways to Download videos from YouTube Videos. I saw many people  facing problems while downloading. So i though to suggest some good ways by making some series of videos on DOWNLOADING YOUTUBE VIDEOS. In this post i will let you know about the different sites that will allow you to Download YouTube videos online for free. Here you go… TOP 15 Sites to Download YouTube Videos online. By using all the below mentioned websites, you can Download YouTube videos online in a similar manner, first you need to copy the youtube video link and you have to submit in the below mentioned websites to download that particular video. NOTE : Most of the websites works only if JAVA is installed in your PC. so first you need to install JAVA on your PC. You can download the JAVA from its official website from the below link. Install Java to Download you-tube videos online 1.  KEEP VID  – Online Youtube Video downloader Keed Vid is...

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If you are regular internet user then you might have come across the term “IP address” many times without no. to a layman, an IP address might means nothing, but this post will give you a brief understanding. we shall  look into different ways using which you can hide and Change your IP address. If questions like how to change my IP address? Or how hide my IP address are bothering you a lot, then this post will answer all those questions by showing different ways to do it . lets see what an ip is What is IP address? IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. In a computer network each and every device is normally assigned with a particular numerical address which is used for communication with that device. Even all the computers that are connected to the internet will also have an individual IP address. This IP address can be compared to Mobile number of a mobile phone. To communicate with the mobile phone from another mobile phone you need to have its mobile number. Similarly for the computer to receive and send data on the internet it will have a specific numerical address called as IP address This is how any IP address looks like 180. 64.56.0   How to check your IP address There are many ways to find your IP address of...

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To get an Google adsense account approved its not that easy. have been blogging since 2009 but i was not that active on blog,so my account was not compromised. you might get banned if you fail to follow terms and conditions,am going to discuss about the  activities which must be avoided to prevent your AdSense account getting banned.  YOU MAY VISIT HERE FOR FULL DETAILS CLICK HERE    Don’t ever click on your advertisements. Whatever the reason may be but avoid clicking on your advertisements. If you did it by mistake then contact the AdSense team and tell them about the same to prevent any problem. Never force your friends or relatives to click on your adds because Google AdSense team is clever enough to find all this invalid activity. Google AdSense is very strict when it comes to the Content Guidelines. A person should never place any AdSense advertisement on the pages that includes adult or violent contents. No changes should be made in the AdSense code, other than changing the color or pattern. Also in inappropriate places such as pop-ups, software or emails, AdSense code should not be placed. Never use automated tools or robots to get clicks on your AdSense adds automatically and also don’t ever be a part of Pay-to-review (PTR) programs. It is not advised to join a program for boosting the traffic for your website...

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WATERY dextop 3d full version with SERIAL KEY

Watery Desktop 3D Version 3.9 Full Version With Serial Keys is a software that will Watery your desktop. Watery Desktop 3D will gives a nice touch for desktop. This application allows you to add certain watery effects to your desktop computer moving backgrounds with watery effect.It is free for you. You can use it  as  wallpaper or screensaver. Software watery desktop 3d 3.9 .It will be fun to use the .100% grantee , It may be following in your mouse pointer. The rain, storm, wave effects can be much more. SEE PICTURE of my pc dextop above .. click below to download the software CLICLK HERE  after download double click to open the file.  install and then enjoy.  see serial below      Name : NuTcrake DDNLH-IJFHM-HLMJL-PJEAD  or or CJNJA-FHINI-LEODD-NAKID or...

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